The Sleepless Moon

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The moon was full tonight its silvery light shone into Peter’s window. “Mummy why doesn’t the moon go to sleep?” “It does in the daytime.” He was still puzzled.

Peter put his slippers on and padded out to the garden. He asked an owl in the tree, “Why is the moon awake at night?” “Whoo whoo. So I can see to catch my dinner.”

Peter still wasn’t happy, he saw the cat on the fence. “Why does the moon stay awake at night?” “So I can prowl about with my mates.”

“Why doesn’t the moon go to sleep?” he asked the little rabbits in the garden. “We can’t play in the dark,” they said.

“Moon, why do you shine a light on me in the night?” The moon smiled. “So I can see you’re safely tucked in bed, sleep tight.” Peter got into bed and was soon asleep.

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