The Schmitchick

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The SCHMITCHICK is a little thing,

it has no tail, it has no wing.

It has no arms, it has no feet,

it has no height; it’s quite petite.

The SCHMITCHICK is seen here and there;

it can be seen most everywhere.

It can be seen on leaves and trees,

it can be seen on wind and breeze.

The SCHMITCHICK isn’t square or round,

it makes no noise; no single sound.

It makes its home wherever it’s at;

on a cat, or on a mat.

It makes its home upon a shelf

with other things, or by itself.

The SCHMITCHICK isn’t what you think;

it’s not a drink or the kitchen sink.

It’s not the shadow on the silvery moon,

it’s not the bottom of a red balloon.

The SCHMITCHICK’s not a girl or boy,

it’s not a ball or any toy.

It isn’t hers, it isn’t his,

it’s not what you might think it is.

The SCHMITCHICK isn’t rocky or rough,

it’s small enough and tall enough.

It really is the proper size

it’s really right before your eyes.

But what IS IT; this SCHMITCHICK here?

Is it part of the atmosphere?

I won’t tell you the answer now..

but I’m sure you’ll guess it, anyhow……

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