Something in the Sand

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Every day since school was over, Jenny and her friends went to the beach. They had fun playing in the sand and in the water. The other children knew how to swim, but Jenny didn’t. So she built sand castles while they swam. It was fun, too.

One day while digging, Jenny’s shovel hit something. There was SOMETHING there! Yes… there WAS something in the sand!

Jenny was scared.. She called to her friends to come see what was under the sand. She was just not brave enough to keep digging by herself.

When they all finally dug it out–What a SURPRISE!

It was an old bottle with a paper message in it! But what did the message say?

They couldn’t tell because most of the letters had washed away over the years. The only word they could read clearly was “HELP!”

Jenny looked at her friends and asked,

“WHO sent this message, WHEN did he send it, and WHAT kind of DANGER was he in?”

They would never know the answers…..

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