Piper was afraid

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It was a beautiful day in Orange, Virginia and all the dogs were let out to play… except a dog named Piper. Piper was afraid.

He was the largest dog in the whole bunch! He could have eaten all those dogs for lunch! In his mind that didn’t matter much. Piper was afraid.

The floor creaked when he left his chair, so all day long he just stayed there. Piper was afraid.

The other dogs all ran and played, the sun was high and the horses neighed. But all this he missed each day because Piper was afraid.

One evening there was quite a storm. It was a summer night and the house got warm, and Piper, he was all alone! Piper was afraid!

His family owned a lovely Inn, and although they had invited him to come that day and meet the guests… he stayed at home and didn’t join the rest, because Piper was afraid.

Well now as the thunder grew louder and LOUDER and the big old house had lost its power… The rain slammed heavily on the roof and Piper was afraid!!

Terrified, he crept off his chair and wedged himself underneath the stairs. he was SO big that he got stuck there! PIPER WAS AFRAID!!

When his family came home later that night, they pulled him out and hugged him tight; then all six dogs did reunite! Piper was no longer afraid.

I’ll never stay home alone again! I’ll join in the fun and be as BRAVE as I can!” whimpered Piper.

He meant what he said because he was never afraid again!

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