Matty Cat

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He was a nameless cat, born with five siblings.

They were all were cute and fluffy and a week old. Seven days old.

They were round and fluffy like a cotton ball.

The nameless cat had gray and white fur.

But, his two brothers and three sisters had a different color fur.

Some were white. Others were gray.

But no one had both gray and white hair like the nameless cat.

He was left out of nap time and games, such as chase the tail…

His brothers and sisters even ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together…

But the nameless cat was always ten steps behind and the last to eat.

Their momma cat was still exhausted from giving childbirth.

One night, the nameless cat decided to sneak out…

After all, there was no more room in the sleeping bed.

The nameless cat walked and walked and kept close to the sidewalk…

A full moon was out. The sky was black.

There was thunder.

The nameless cat jumped and took shelter in an empty cardboard box…

It was already taken.

Hungry, tired and scared, the nameless cat ran back home…

Which way was it?

He sat in the downpour of rain, crying.

Unaware of standing in front of a house.

The house was a tall and beige one story. The door opened…


She was taller and bigger than him.

She took him in for shelter and dried him off with a warm soft towel.

Wendy took the nameless cat to work.

He met her funny and nice co-workers.

Most of them made silly and kissy faces.

Everyone fell in love with the nameless cat.

Cheryl had never owned a cat.

“Whose pet is this?” she had soon asked.

Wendy replied, “No one’s. He…or she needs a home.”

Cheryl walked up to the nameless cat, who had only gazed into her eyes.

She fell in love and brought him back home.

Her daughter, Nancy, fell head over heels for the new addition.

The nameless cat was fed and played with.

Cheryl was Big Momma and Nancy was Little Momma.

“How about Cody? Or Sterling?”

“Too proper for a cat to be named,” Cheryl said.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“I’m not sure.”

“How about…Matty? M-A-T-T-Y if it’s a boy. M-A-D-D-I-E- if it’s a girl.”

Cheryl looked at the kitten curled up on her lap. “What do you think nameless cat?”


It was a trip to the doctor’s for a clarification…

He was a healthy baby boy cat.

“It’s a boy!” Nancy cheered, holding him up in the air.

He would forever be known as Matty Cat.

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