Magic Leather

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A Fairy gave a Cobbler some magic leather,

It was easily workable and light as a feather.

Cutting, Hammering, and sewing away,

He made some shoes in just one day.

The shoes were meant for the Fairy Queen,

Such dainty shoes had never before been seen.

Enough leather was left to make a purse,

The Cobbler made it for his old Nurse.

The shoes were collected just yesterday,

The Fairy Queen was delighted, I’m happy to say.

To make the purse the Cobbler used all of his skill,

He gave his old Nurse a most wonderful thrill.

Needless to say the purse was bewitched,

With magic thread it had been neatly stitched.

Whatever money old Nurse took out her bills to pay.

Was completely returned the very next day.

If you receive some magic leather,

easily workable and light as a feather.

For a new purse enough is left over,

Place in the purse a four-leafed clover.

The magic leather, was made by a leprechaun,

one of the strangest persons ever to be born.

Leprechauns have a love for a four-leafed clover.

They make enough leather that some is left over.

Full well knowing the Cobbler will make a purse,

To give to his loving old Nurse.

Now this Fairy Tale is very very true,

Or I would not be telling it to you.

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